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In April of 2009, Madison Fitness Center was born.  The purpose of Madison Fitness Center was to provide the Madison Township Community with an opportunity to explore healthy ways of living...together.

Now, over a decade later, our reach has expanded beyond the Madison Township, to areas all over Ohio.  Our vision of providing a safe place for those looking for a healthy lifestyle has remained the same for over a decade, which is why we have the reputation of being not only a gym with weights, but a community that builds lifelong, healthy friendships.

As we continue to reach out to the Madison community and beyond, in 2009 Madison Fitness Center underwent a brand overhaul, changing the name to Mad-Fit, and the logo.  If you're looking for "Madison Fitness Center," never fear, we're still here!  We're just known as Mad-Fit now.

Thank you for the continued support as we reach beyond the Madison borders to improve the lives of our surrounding communities.


Mike and Sandy

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